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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better~Maya Angelou



Sustainability, Transparency and Safety- the Ultimate Trifecta!

I've never been more proud to work with Beautycounter. The products continue to impress (head over to my shopping page to check out my favorites), but what has me even more wowed by this company is the continuous effort to push for better beauty laws, educate consumers and push themselves to innovate and lead.

Makeup Monday: Lead in your Lipstick

The US banned lead in paint in 1978. The US had yet to ban lead in lipstick. Recently, the FDA at least did some testing and put the rumors to rest that it was just a urban legend. In fact,... Continue Reading →

Makeup Monday: The Ugly Truth

Please take three minutes to watch this video: This folks, is unacceptable. Lead? Arsenic? Asbestos? On your skin EVERY DAY??! This video highlights all the reasons I passionately support Beautycounter- not only are the products amazing, but the mission to... Continue Reading →

Peaceful Evening

Sometimes I get caught up in the rush of it all. I'm working a full time job at Pico, my side hustle at Beautycounter, the occasional catering gig, keeping track of events at MCC and keeping track of the house... Continue Reading →

Moms and Worry

I saw a meme somewhere along the way (that I naturally can't find now) that was something along the lines of "Moms worry even when their eyes are closed" and it struck a nerve. Maybe I'm still a rookie mom... Continue Reading →

Safer Pets

I got started on my #switchtosafer because of my baby. The products I was putting on my largest organ, and that of my new baby, were riddled with ingredients that have not been tested for safety and some are known... Continue Reading →

Makeup Safety

I'll be the first to admit- I used to keep my cosmetics way too long. I never really used them, so it seemed wasteful to throw them out after six months. I figured I would be the exception. Luckily, I... Continue Reading →

What about the guys?

49.2% of the US population is male according to the 2010 census. The rate of cancer is also higher in men. Science is unsure why, but it's likely a combination of increased exposure and decreased early detection. Women are more likely... Continue Reading →


I read an interesting critique the other day about companies that proclaim to care about safety for all, yet price their products in such a way they're inaccessible to the majority of consumers. It's something I've struggled with, being as... Continue Reading →

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