Sometimes I get caught up in the rush of it all. I’m working a full time job at Pico, my side hustle at Beautycounter, the occasional catering gig, keeping track of events at MCC and keeping track of the house and all the animals. Oh, and a toddler. Did I forget the toddler?

Then we have a night like the one above. If this is not the definition of a milk coma, I don’t know what is. Her ability to so completely trust everything around her and fall into such a deep, peaceful sleep amazes me. She trusts us to educate and protect her with no real concept of danger or fear.

Ever since we brought her home, I’ve wrestled with the responsibility to do the best I can for her at all times. It can be a lot some days. I’m not perfect by any means. She’s had one trip to Wendy’s and one meal and McDonald’s. One was because I really wanted a bacon cheeseburger and the other was a reward for a good trip to the dentist (that was the only reason I ate McDonald’s as a kid).

One area where I feel confident that I am doing my best is what I’m putting on her skin. I’m able to trust Beautycounter and our 1500+ ingredient never list. I can put that energy elsewhere knowing that she and I (and almost my husband… I’m slowly convincing him it’s not just important for us girls) are using safe, effective products. Every time I see the statistic that the EU banned 1400+ chemicals and of those, the US has only banned 11, I’m disappointed in the lack of education and transparency of companies that sell products in the US. It’s one thing to not know something is bad for you, but once you know, it’s pure greed to keep that risky chemical in the market. Especially in products for babies.

Alice can sleep soundly because I haven’t broken her trust. I’m doing what I can to limit her exposure to chemicals that could have life altering effects. In the frenzy of trying to do it all, I too can enjoy peaceful evening knowing that I’ve done my best for my family.