I’m one of those people that gets all riled up when I walk into a store in October and the Christmas display is already set up. Thanksgiving is a special holiday in our family, and Halloween is more fun now that we have a toddler. The result of my push against starting Christmas too soon is I’m that person who never has extra gifts to give when people give you a surprise gift, my main shopping is done in a panic on about the 20th of December, and I never make it to the Post Office in time, put it off, and mail gifts in March…

This year, I’m dedicated to change. Beautycounter just launched beautiful gift sets. The products are safe and effective, the packaging is beautiful, and the price points are just right for a wide variety of people. The sets can be given as is, broken up (the love and luster lip gloss set could easily be split and given to 4 coworkers) or kept for yourself. The Jet Set featured above is perfect for all the inevitable holiday travel. There’s something for everyone, and not only are the sets beautiful, but your giving the gift of safer beauty.

If you happen to be someone who’s hard to shop for, you can always fill out a wish list and make it easy. The holidays can be a crazy time. My goal for the season is to get ahead of it and enjoy the season instead of worrying about getting just the right gift at the last second. I’ll spend my money smarter (not being rushed) and I’m investing in a company that supports my values of transparency and non-toxic personal care products. For me, it’s a win win.