I’ve never been more proud to work with Beautycounter. The products continue to impress (head over to my shopping page to check out my favorites), but what has me even more wowed by this company is the continuous effort to push for better beauty laws, educate consumers and push themselves to innovate and lead.

Beauty Vermont Touch Up Concealer in Cosmo!Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of press for our efforts- do you see what I see in the October issue of Cosmopolitan? It says “Feel chic, not crunchy, covering up your dark circles” and Christy Coleman is quoted in the opening paragraph. It’s so cool to see companies I believe in, represented by women I admire getting national press.


Above and beyond Cosmo, I have to share the images from a recent email- those of you who already made the #switchtosafer and are customers of mine (thank you!!) got this yesterday, but email like this is one of the reasons I’m so proud to be part of this movement.

Better Beauty Vermont- Beautycounter selects the best ingredients that meet our high standards to create high-performing products, while prohibiting 1,500 harmful or questionable ingredients on The Never List

Xavier Ormancey,  our Chief Scientific Officer has some impressive chops. From perfumerflavorist.com- “He has worked for L’Oreal ParisChanel Parfums & Beauté and Yves Rocher Group. He has earned a global reputation as a visionary, pioneer and innovator for his part in the creation of environmentally friendly personal care products. Ormancey has risen to international acclaim for his transfor­mative view on living plants and the human body. He helped to create personal products in order to carefully balance the functionality of both.”

Better Beauty Vermont- When Beautycounter is considering new ingredients for products, we screen every single one for information on specific hazards like cancer, developmental toxicity, hormone disruption, and infertility

Above and beyond screening individual ingredients, we also test ingredients and how they interact. It’s basic chemistry that if you put “Formalde” and “Hyde” in the same bottle, you’ll end up with Formaldehyde. That’s what happens with a lot of other brands- they put ingredients that may be fine on their own and mix them creating dangerous combinations.

Better Beauty Vemont- Beautycounter third-party tests each batch of color cosmetics for heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and mercury, and spot check finished products, always striving for zero or non-detectable limits

There are still unacceptable amounts of lead in our lipsticks. There are unacceptable amounts of unknown or potentially hazardous chemicals in out every day products. Beautycounter is determined to be an industry leader and make significant changes in a huge industry.

Better Beauty Vermont- Why stop at products? Beautycounter also goes to great lengths to choose the right product packaging. We don't allow polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and bisphenol A (BPA) and opt for glass, paper, or safer plastic materials

This last slide is another that really makes me proud. We’re all trying to reduce our waste and live more sustainable lives. The fact that packaging is recyclable, shipping materials are recyclable too and there is a conscious effort to balance the additional weight of glass and the impact to ship a heavier bottle. No detail is left to chance.

So if you’re looking for safer alternatives, or information on how you can be part of this amazing movement- shoot me an email– We’re making waves every day and this is a whole family issue too important to ignore. Once I started looking into the safety of my products, I couldn’t go back. You won’t be able to either.