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Can you tell I’m psyched for Beautycounter Holiday??

So I introduced you to the holiday line Tuesday (check it out here!) and it just keeps getting better. I got the second half of my order the other day and it takes all my willpower to put it down...... Continue Reading →

Three Irresistible Steps to Perfect Fall Skin

Ahhh fall. My favorite season is finally here. After a rocky start in the low 90s in the days following the equinox, we've busted out the fleece and cranked up the woodstove. Bliss. One thing that's not as great is the impending change to my skin... with all that dry heat, I inevitably face drier, duller winter skin.

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Sustainability, Transparency and Safety- the Ultimate Trifecta!

I've never been more proud to work with Beautycounter. The products continue to impress (head over to my shopping page to check out my favorites), but what has me even more wowed by this company is the continuous effort to push for better beauty laws, educate consumers and push themselves to innovate and lead.

Volumizing Mascara for the Win!

It's often said that your eyes are the window to your soul. As cliche as that sounds, I embrace that saying and consider my eyes one of my best features.  So it's with much rejoicing that I'm sharing with your Beautycounter's new Volumizing Mascara and reformulated Lengthening Mascara- part of our Five minute face, these two are must haves for both the busy mom and the fashionista.

Live look at the new products!

Watch this video of our new hair care products!

Pregnancy and Skincare

Look- you eat organic food, exercise regularly and slather potentially harmful products over your largest organ? That just doesn't calculate.

March Forth

First off, how is it March already?? That aside, today marks Beautycounter's fourth anniversary and we're going big. We produced this video last year: Tonight, join me live on Facebook at 8:00 EST: Join the event here: March Forth Facebook Live!... Continue Reading →

Makeup Monday- Tools of the Trade

Every Chef knows that the right knife is key in the kitchen. While if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, the right tools are the key to flawless makeup application. There are a few things... Continue Reading →

Changing Seasons

I love fall. The crisp air, the stunning foliage, the warm sun. All of it. Well, except the inevitable few weeks where my skin goes into a tail spin. The hot humid summer and cold dry winter are in stark... Continue Reading →

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