Every Chef knows that the right knife is key in the kitchen. While if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, the right tools are the key to flawless makeup application.

There are a few things to consider when choosing makeup brushes- they need to feel good in your hand- I personally prefer shorter brushes for powders (blushes and mattifying powder- like this one (available here



They feel better in my hand, and I feel like I have more control, plus, they are easy to throw in your travel bag and jet set. This one from Beautycounter is great because it comes with the cap- no more errant crap gumming up the bristles.




For my eyes, I prefer thin handles- I feel like I get apdp-brushes_eyes-on-you-set__2x more precise grip- like writing with a nice pen versus a marker. The Eyes on You brush set is perfect- the quality of the materials are designed to last, and the weight and shape of the brushes lend themselves to accurate and flawless results. I’m by no means a talented makeup artist with years of experience- I’m a mom who values quality an effectiveness. The correct tool means you can execute what you envision- or you at least have a fighting chance…



I can’t stress enough the importance of cleaning your brushes. Dirty brushes can spread bacteria from one eye to another, reinfect your skin with something that you thought cleared up but was lying dormant on your brushes or lead to breakouts. Brushes used with liquid makeup should be washed every day, others at least once a week. Avoid getting the base where the bristles meet the handle wet, and use a cleanser that you would use on your face. Remember, anything left behind could end up in your eye. If you’re breaking out or having skin issues, wash everything every day. If you develop good habits, there won’t be as much to wash out, and these small changes can lead to big results.