It’s often said that your eyes are the window to your soul. As cliche as that sounds, I embrace that saying and consider my eyes one of my best features.

So it’s with much rejoicing that I’m sharing with your Beautycounter‘s new Volumizing Mascara and reformulated Lengthening Mascara- part of our Five minute face, these two are must haves for both the busy mom and the fashionista.

Better Beauty Vermont Beautycounter Mascaras

The precision brush on the Lengthening and the hourglass brush on the Volumizing deliver just the right amount of product. The products themselves are the result of years of testing and experimentation to bring you not only a higher performing product, but one that is safer too. Mascara is the first thing I switched in my makeup routine- the idea of having potentially harmful chemicals sitting on my eyes day after day for the foreseeable future is not appealing.

Most mascaras contain Never List ingredients like parabens, aluminum powder, and ethanolamines, specifically triethanolamine (TEA). These ingredients are harmful to human health for several reasons. Parabens have been shown to mimic and potentially disrupt estrogen activity in the body. Aluminum powder is a neurotoxin used as a colorant, rated as a high concern by the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG’s) Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. TEA is a pH adjuster linked to allergies, skin toxicity, hormone disruption, and inhibited fetal brain development. Both Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara are free of all of these harmful ingredients and synthetic waxes, like paraffin, are replaced with plant-derived waxes. Additionally, most volumizing mascaras contain synthetic fibers that can irritate eyes while the Beautycounter Volumizing Mascara uses only natural fibers.

Performance and safety- a perfect combo!

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