I’m lucky to live in a truly beautiful part of the world.

I’m lucky to have a job that gives me the freedom to take a hike to see the eclipse from the top of Killington instead of being stuck working someone else’s 9-5.

I’m lucky to have my health, and have access to safer products and healthy food to keep my body going.

You know when I realized most of this? On the impromptu hike along the narrow path to the top of the mountain. We met up with my in-laws to have lunch at the peak restaurant, but with time to kill before the eclipse started, the group headed up to the actual peak. I believe I was the only one in flip flops, but it didn’t matter- my stint dating a rock climber prepared me for endless hours of hiking in the woods in inappropriate (but easy to carry) shoes.

I realized as we moved through the quite woods, that my work with Beautycounter fills my soul. Working to educate others on how to #switchtosafer personal care products and inevitably other safer and more sustainable options (dish soap, laundry soap, cleaning products, cookware, the list is endless!) not only gives me amazing personal satisfaction, but financial and time freedom that I cherish.

Looking out at the amazing vista, I realized that while some are seeking the rat race- the constant desire to claim that raise and that title- I’m in control of my own destiny. I can work my business while my toddler naps, then take her to the park when she wakes up. I can earn raises and promotions without the subjective opinions of others. Reach those goals, get the promotion. Inspire more people to consider the safety of their products and offer safer, high performing solutions- make more money.

Sometimes it’s a struggle. Sometimes you do the same amount of work as you did the month before and see different results. Sometimes life gets in the way and you spend your blogging time cleaning up toddler mess. That’s time that I head outside. Go read a magazine or good book under a tree while said toddler digs in the dirt. Go for a family walk. Getting outside puts everything back in perspective. It gives you a reboot. You can reconnect to what makes you happy.

What I love most about my work, what makes me realize I am lucky enough to have inner peace, is the combination of making my mark and working towards a mission I believe in and the extra time it gives me to connect with my family. Today is my anniversary with Beautycounter- A year ago today I was walking on the beach listening to what my inner voice was telling me. I decided to take the job and haven’t looked back.

So get outside today. Leave your phone on the counter. Go for a walk. Listen to your own thoughts. Follow your heart. Listen to what thoughts bubble to the surface. You have the answers you need, now it’s time to act.