I love a good day off as much as the next person, but at heart, I’m happiest when I have something to do. It’s what makes being a seasonally work at home mom a bit of a challenge sometimes- I have a full time job mid-September to mid-April, but have to fill the summer months with things that are stimulating and productive for both my daughter and I. I’m not going to lie, some days it’s a challenge.

The best way to teach your children the value of hard work is to model it yourself and engage them early on. Right now, we’re taking advantage of our daughter’s desire to “help” when we’re working on projects around the house. Kids are capable of more than we think, and with very little direction and few errors, she gladly moved the rocks from one side of the lawn to the pile where they are destined to be a new patio wall. It would have been easier to set her up with a movie and do it ourselves, but the hour spent working with mom and dad, while probably too early to become a permanent memory, is teaching her more than Dory ever could.

I also want her to see me working- to see my husband and I working together. To see struggles and setbacks and moments that require rising above and determination. These are values that are important to us, even though we’re not perfect either (no one is). You are what you consistently do. Every day I get up, do at least 15 minutes of Yoga and work on this blog and my Beautycounter business. There are days that are a struggle, but the consistent effort is paying off. Being determined to see this project through is working.

It’s not always easy. There are days that the hustle shows no results. Then days with promise, then nothing. That’s the life of a mompreneur. There are days that my daughter does all her pees in the potty and days where they all end up on the floor or in a diaper. I’m confident that she will not go to school in diapers, just like I’m confident that my business will be emotionally and financially rewarding.

No grit, no pearl.

From hard work comes satisfaction and beauty. We’re creating an amazing community here, in our Facebook group and over on our pageWe’re getting safer products in the hands of everyone one person at a time. We’re helping others start rewarding businesses with life changing residual income and personal growth.

Better Beauty Vermont Girl Boss

On the days that are not as great, I’m reminded that this is a marathon, not a sprint. That what I’m modeling for my daughter will give her more confidence and work ethic. It will help her be the best version of herself. If I can help you reach your goals, please don’t hesitate to reach out- we’re all in this together!