An article recently appeared on that caught my eye (we all have our weaknesses…)- 10 American Beauty Ingredients That Are Banned in Other CountriesNone of these were a surprise, but I’m still outraged every time I come across an article like this. With all the things the US leads the world in, why is this something we’re so far behind in changing?

Here are the ingredients listed in the article:

  1. FORMALDEHYDE- hair straightening treatments, nail polish, and eyelash glue
  2. TRIPHENYL PHOSPHATE (TPHP)- nail polish
  3. PETROLEUM- skin care and hair care
  4. PROPYL PARABEN- skin care, makeup, and hair care
  5. FRAGRANCE-perfume, skin care, makeup, and hair care
  6. HYDROQUINONE-facial skin care (brightening and lightening products)
  7. PHTHALATES- skin care, hair care, nail polish, and plastics
  8. P-PHENYLENEDIAMINE- hair dyes that darken
  9. AVOBENZONE-chemical sunscreens
  10. OXYBENZONE- chemical sunscreens

As you can see, these are products the we all use almost every day and no one knows. We continue to blindly buy the products marketed to us without a second thought to safety because we assume our federal government is paying attention to these things. These are the exact reasons I’m thankful for Beautycounter , our Never List and the company’s focus on advocacy and making disruptive change in the industry. We all deserve better.