Please watch these three videos (they’re short and powerful):


Inspired by those two? This is what Beautycounter did- they donated $100,000 to the Girl Effect– check out their message here:

“At the end of the day we wanted to send a message that went beyond product, beyond Beautycounter. Which is really talking about honoring women and empowering women to make their own choices. We believe you deserve better as a woman and we are trying to lead the way to get there.” ~Gregg Renfrew

As I raise my daughter, I can’t help but be overwhelmed with pride and gratitude for the opportunity to be involved with Beautycounter . I’m in love with the mission, the products, the community and the support. I’ve spent my career often the lone woman in a man’s industry, and this shift to this welcoming community is amazing. If this message speaks to you too, reach out. I’d love to tell you more about the business, the products and the mission of getting safer products in the hands of everyone.