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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better~Maya Angelou


we deserve better

New Year, New Impact

Like most of you, I'm full of New Year's resolutions. Getting back to this blog is one of them, and ramping up me efforts to share best practices and better beauty options is another. This image sums up a few... Continue Reading →

Your Precious Baby Needs Remy the Raccoon!

Babies are undoubtedly cute. Stuffed animals are also cute, and they don't poop on you. This Better Baby Care Set complete with Finn and Emma exclusive Remy the Raccoon is a must have for your holiday shopping. Pregnant? Know anyone who... Continue Reading →

What’s Hidden Beneath

My personal care and cosmetics used to be an area where I willfully ignored. Just like the section of the beach hiding the shipwreck looks smooth, so does the cosmetics aisle in the drug store. Turns out, behind all those shiny labels and beautiful products, there's plenty of danger lurking just below the surface. 

Personal Care Products for Men

My husband is the only person I know that still uses bar soap. While I have added bar soap back into my routine, I thought it was a relic only used when you forgot your soap at a hotel. Much... Continue Reading →


Please watch these three videos (they're short and powerful): Inspired by those two? This is what Beautycounter did- they donated $100,000 to the Girl Effect- check out their message here: “At the end of the day... Continue Reading →

Hidden Chemicals

I still remain shocked at how many hidden chemicals are in the food we eat, the products we use and the water we drink. I used to think living in Vermont protected me from the rampant pollution found elsewhere, then... Continue Reading →

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