All too often, we ignore things we can’t see. We avoid addressing the things that might harm us simply because we can’t see them.

Every time I see this shipwreck at Higgins Beach (read more about it here ), which is only visible at low tide, I think about all the times I’ve gone swimming in the area and how lucky I am to not have lost a toe. It’s quite big, and while the tide comes up pretty far, and the top of it is probably further under than I think it is, it reminds me to pay attention to the things you can’t see.

Better Beauty Vermont Higgins Beach shipwreck exploring

My personal care and cosmetics used to be an area where I willfully ignored. Just like the section of the beach hiding the shipwreck looks smooth, so does the cosmetics aisle in the drug store. Turns out, behind all those shiny labels and beautiful products, there’s plenty of danger lurking just below the surface.

That’s where Beautycounter comes in- not only are their products beautiful in my shower and on my skin, they are also free of over 1500 potentially harmful ingredients banned on our Never List. There are ingredients banned in Europe for known or potential toxicity to humans that are common in products in the US. Add to that that 80% of ingredients aren’t even tested for safety, and it makes me cringe every time I walk down that aisle.

Better Beauty Vermont- 80% of cosmetics ingredients have never been tested for safety

It makes me mad that companies can get away with this, but I feel empowered that I’m doing something about it. I’m lending my voice to this movement and sharing what I’ve learned with you. Now that I know what I know, I can’t go back. I know the shipwreck is there and will swim carefully in that area, or wait until the tide rolls out so I can see it.

If this winds you up too, let’s chat- there are many different ways to contribute to the movement- purchasing safer products, hosting educational events or joining as a consultant. Let’s chat about what’s right for you!