So we just got back from our annual vacation at Higgins Beach in Scarborough Maine.

It was our third trip as a family of three- the first year we went just for just a few days with a then two month old- we didn’t go until September, and by then, any water adventures were limited to shin deep walks. For those of you who don’t know, Maine is not known for warm water… even in the height of summer. Last year, with a 13 month old, I was still feeling self conscious about my new mom-bod. Dad-bods are all the rage, but I still felt pressured to have my pre-pregnancy body back. I opted for a striped tankini with high waisted bottoms and much to my relief, that seemed to be the style du jour for all the other moms chasing little ones around the beach.

This year though, I’ve taken up yoga (check out Fightmaster Yoga for great free online options that work perfectly with toddler schedules…), I go running a few times a week, and eat reasonably well most of the time. Still, there are a lot of people at the beach this time of year- including a lot of college kids catching the last rays before school starts. I used to be one of those- but my body has been through the ringer the last few years. I grew an entire human for goodness sake.

Needless to say, packing for this trip was a conundrum. I still have the tankini, and admittedly, it made it into the bag. But so did my favorite little bikini- you know, the one that isn’t actually any good to swim in. The third choice was somewhere in the middle- definitely a bikini, but stays put chasing a two year old.

But here’s the thing- no matter what you look like, you’re going to look your best in a bikini when you feel your best.

Better Beauty Vermont How to Feel Amazing in a Post Pregnancy Bikini

So to prepare for this trip- here’s what I did:

  • Drank a lot of water- this is advice I follow year round and it’s made a world of difference in my overall health and wellness.
  • Ate well- fruits, veggies- less candy, more out of the garden. This is also good every day practice…
  • Took care of my skin- I only trust Beautycounter – What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in it- your largest organ deserves high quality products that are tested for safety (unlike 80% of the ingredients used in conventional products). I exfoliated, used the brightening collection to even my skin tone and stocked up on safer sunscreen.
  • Took the advice of my mentor- Trish Blackwell – nobody cares. No one is looking at my perceived imperfections. No one is judging me and comparing my post-pregnancy body to some photoshopped supermodel. If they are, they’re jerks that I’m not hanging out with. The reality is- they’re probably looking at my crazy toddler running up and down the beach squealing with delight.
  • I packed the bikinis. I put them on.

We give ourselves such a hard time about our bodies, especially as moms. Look- you grew a human. It took 40 weeks. You gained at least thirty pounds, probably more. Your breasts likely swelled to sizes you hadn’t considered before- my 32Ds topped out at 32G, sometimes H. They’re back to 32D after 20+ months of nursing, but are a completely different shape. I have a significant scar from my c section. Your middle may have stretched, split, rippled and puckered. Your thighs might still rub a little more than they used to.

That’s all ok.

Looking good stems from feeling good. It comes from confidence. It comes from focusing on your overall health, not just your looks. If you’re looking for a little more help with the confidence part- check out the College of Confidence– it’s made a big difference in how I feel about my body, my mind and my business. Shoot me an email and let me know you joined and I’ll send you a little thank you gift!

How to feel amazing in a post pregnancy bikini? Realize that you’re already amazing. Put yourself first- take care of your mind, body and soul. Realize that from there, you can do anything. Be anything. Wear anything.

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