All too often, we give more than we receive. Now, giving has it merits, and through giving you can feel an amazing sense of calm and contentment, but it’s critical to not lose yourself in the process.

I recently found this quote-

Be kinder to yourself. And then let you kindness flood the world.

-Pema Chödron

This hits on all the things I’ve been striving for in my recent journey with Beautycounter and motherhood.  I’m a giver, but I’m also an introvert and as much as I enjoy caring for others, it’s exhausting. I need time each day to myself. I need to slip upstairs while my toddler watches Moana for the 10th time this week and wash my face. I need to read a book in bed once the smallest members of the house are in bed, even if that means going up at the grandmotherly hour of 8:30.

I recently did something to put my back out (see- the grandmother theme is catching up) and instead of toughing it out, I did the kind thing- off to the chiropractor I went. The next day the who family came with me for my follow up adjustment and took their turns on the table.

My daughter is a helper and a giver too. She’s watching Dr. Thompson intently and preparing her father for his session. She shares her food. She is liberal with the hugs. It remains to be seen where she falls on the intro/extrovert scale, but her kindness is a reminder to me to also be kind to myself.

This includes not only what I eat and put on my skin, but also what I say to myself. No negative self talk is the goal (not there yet, but making progress), especially not in front of my sponge of a daughter. Kindness is key.

We’re often critical of ourselves. We often give what others might think too much credit (newsflash- other people are worrying about their own stuff). We see flaws in our bodies that others would never notice. You know how you get a bikini body? Put on a bikini!

Better Beauty Vermont How to Feel Amazing in a Post Pregnancy Bikini

So in short- don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Start that side hustle you’ve been eyeing. Invest in some safer skincare and a spa night while the dishes sit in the sink. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Be kind to yourself as well as others and you’ll be amazed at the kindness that comes your way in return!