I was in town the other day picking up testers I’d loaned to a friend when I was paid the most unexpected compliment. She said “I love the products and I hope one day to have skin like yours!” This was coming from someone I’ve always found beautiful, and who is someone I greatly admire. Sometimes it’s those little moments that can really make your day- remember that. Make someone’s day today.

It got me thinking though how I ended up with the skin I have. I will say that using safer products with better ingredients certainly helps. It also helps that I want to use them- I’m seeing results and the experience is luxurious and satisfying. I used to only wash my face in the shower (though when I did, it was a multi step process and I attacked it), and depending on the season, I might not shower every day (especially if I have no plans to get out of my pajamas). This, as you can imagine, was not really the best for my skin.

I did a little research about the importance of washing your face. Some dermatologists maintain it’s important to cleanse your skin in the morning and at night. Overnight, your skin restores itself. Our body temperatures rise leaving our skin drier, our cells need oxygen (which your makeup blocks) to repair and rebuild and leaving all the dead skin cells in your pores leaves them larger.

Why then again in the morning? To wash off all the repair work done over night and leave you a fresh surface to apply your moisturizers and makeup. You wouldn’t want to just keep adding more layers on top of layers, never giving your skin time to refresh and repair, would you?

Washing you face might not be sexy, but it’s important!

I’ve been using three types of cleansers recently- a charcoal bar in the shower,  Cleansing Balm  (on rare sale this month!) for makeup removal and Nourishing Cream Cleanser  for regular every day washing. The products themselves are an effective treat to use, but more importantly, investing in them and enjoying the process means I’m actually doing it. It’s the six minutes a day I do for me. I put the baby to bed, and enjoy a few minutes to myself before going back downstairs to deal with the dishes or whatever I put off from earlier in the day. In the morning, she stands in the tub and brushes her teeth and I wash away the results of last night’s renewal.



So no more excuses. For healthy skin, take care of it. Eat well, exercise and wash you face!