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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better~Maya Angelou


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Just Breathe

Sometimes life is crazy. Sometimes you need to step away and reset. I recently had a board meeting over in Lake George. Now, was the meeting as relaxing as hanging by the lake on a lounge chair-no, but it was... Continue Reading →

Being You!

It's been a spring of new beginnings. I've spent a lot of time reflecting, doing yoga, playing with my toddler and generally unwinding from a very stressful winter. It's been scary and refreshing at the same time. I know we're... Continue Reading →

Be Brave

Every day, I'm amazed at my daughter's resilience. She falls down, gets back up, tries again over and over and over again.  She's undaunted. It's an inspiration. She's the reason I dove head first into being my own boss and... Continue Reading →

Wash your Face!

I was in town the other day picking up testers I'd loaned to a friend when I was paid the most unexpected compliment. She said "I love the products and I hope one day to have skin like yours!" This... Continue Reading →

Psychology of Makeup

I'm new to the beauty industry. I've always dabbled in makeup- starting in high school, with more freedom during college, and now as a new mom and Beautycounter educator. I've never had a job where even business casual was expected (except... Continue Reading →

Eye Health and Mascara

With a one year old and a job in an outdoor industry, sometimes all I have time for is mascara. I've always thought my eyes were a go to feature, and if there isn't time to do anything else, a... Continue Reading →

Take Good Care

I've been thinking a lot about taking care of others. For the past 14 months or so, my focus has been about 99% on taking care of my family. I do brush my teeth, shower, and eat the meals prepared... Continue Reading →

Makeup. A Conundrum.

Alicia Keys was on the Today show the other day. She stopped wearing makeup, a decision that makes her feel centered and powerful according to the article on US magazine Friday, September 2nd. I'm amazed every time I see her... Continue Reading →

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