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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better~Maya Angelou



The Scar that made me a Mom

Slowly but surely, my scar is smoothing out. It's getting finer. It's still there though- it's still a defining mark of the moment I became a mom.

Baby Two: Conflicting Thoughts from a Tired Mom of One

I usually sneak off to write while my daughter naps. I'm so lucky that she's a reasonably predicable and solid napper. This is one of the things that has me conflicted right now. You see, I have a younger sister,... Continue Reading →

How to Feel Amazing in a Post Pregnancy Bikini

Looking good stems from feeling good. It comes from confidence. It comes from focusing on your overall health, not just your looks.

Pregnancy and Skincare

Look- you eat organic food, exercise regularly and slather potentially harmful products over your largest organ? That just doesn't calculate.

Phthalates: A Closer Look

Some people are wary- all this talk about chemicals in our products must be overblown. Is it? Watch this short video: This is from the European Council Plasticisers and Intermediates. Naturally, this video is positive. But notice is makes no... Continue Reading →

Sharing Tidings and Joy

It's hard to believe that two years ago we broke the news of the coming addition to our family- it was about 11 weeks into my pregnancy, but I could't resist the opportunity to get everyone together and share the... Continue Reading →

Autism and Exposure

As a recent new mom, the worry about autism is fresh in my mind. In truth, it's still there. I read a ton of articles all throughout my pregnancy and tried to balance the information. A common theme throughout all... Continue Reading →

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil changed the entire way I look at cooking and skin care. It all began in an effort to avoid stretch marks during my first pregnancy. I got a jar, split it between the kitchen and the bathroom and... Continue Reading →

What about the guys?

49.2% of the US population is male according to the 2010 census. The rate of cancer is also higher in men. Science is unsure why, but it's likely a combination of increased exposure and decreased early detection. Women are more likely... Continue Reading →

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