A lot of people put a lot of pressure on themselves to make awesome New Year’s resolutions. I’ve never done one before because I’ve never felt I needed to do any of the traditional ones- lose weight, exercise more, enjoy life. This year though, I am making two resolutions, but I’m not waiting until January first to start.

The first is to focus on choosing better and safer products for our home. I’ve made the #switchtosafer with Beautycounter and feel great about the safety and quality of our personal care products. I have a little work to do on my husband- it killed me a little to buy him another bottle of aftershave (which ranks a 5 on the Skin Deep Database – not terrible, not great), but I also have to respect what he likes and his preferences. I switched his shampoo and  while no riot, I get a lot of comments about how it’s not as nice as his old brand. Part of my journey going forward is to include him in more of our choices, and see if making his own choice from a selection of safer products can make the choice stick a little better. My daughter isn’t yet two, so she get’s what she gets, but in order for the changes in the household to actually become lifestyle changes, there needs to be buy in.

There is room for improvement in our food choices (I can’t figure out a reasonable way to avoid canned goods- suggestions welcome!), and I can do better with greener cleaning products. Part of my issue with the greener cleaners is I have a bunch of traditional cleaners that I don’t want to just pitch (also trying to reduce our waste), and they’re lasting forever. I am not buying any new cleaning products until I’ve used up what I have. This would be easier if I had more time to clean the house, but in the spirit of enjoy the baby now, clean later, these products might in fact last forever. To clean up our food, I’ve joined our local co-op. While they don’t have everything I need (pet food for example), they have great produce, better meat and household products that are more likely to actually be green and less likely to be greenwashed. Between the Co-op and Aldi (which recently made a commitment to ban more pesticides) I am confident that I’ll be able to find toddler friendly and easy to cook meals that I can get on the table after a long day.

dolly-who-you-areThe second resolution I’m making in 2017 is to confidently live life with an abundance mindset. As I focus on growing my business with Beautycounter to support the mission of getting safer products in the hands of everyone, and supporting my family, I often get in my own way. I assume I don’t know anyone who would care about switching to safer and pushing Congress to clean up the toxic chemicals allowed in our homes. Then I connect with someone who is hungry for more information and a way to get involved. I need to remember that the mission is achieved one person at a time. There are enough people that care about our planet, our future and their health. You are one of them. You searched the internet for articles about switching to safer, Beautycounterorganic food, green cleaners and doing better. You came here and read some of these posts. Hopefully, you’re sharing what you learn with your friends and family. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can partner with me to educate others, shoot me an email and I’ll give you a behind the scenes tour. It’s important to me to be part of this bigger mission because now that I know what I know about the state of the personal care and cosmetic industry, I can’t go back. I believe we deserve better and every small step in the right direction is progress.

So here’s to 2017- don’t put extra pressure on yourself to be perfect starting January 1st- start now and strive for continual progress.