Growing up, somehow getting the Christmas tree up and decorated became a Christmas Eve activity. I suspect it had something to do with my parents getting into a standoff over who exactly was supposed to go get the tree, and one of them finally folding the morning of… I’m not entirely sure, I’ll have to get the whole story sometime,  though I suspect there isn’t really an answer. My husband’s family is more traditional and got the tree up and stockings hung with weeks to spare, not hours. As we are starting out as a new family, we’re working to find balance with the holidays. Luckily, everyone lives near by…

This year, with 10 days to spare, our tree is up and mostly decorated. We’re going to wait to put up our fragile ornaments until we know the baby and the cat are going to leave it alone. We might end up just looking at the ornaments in their boxes….

The shopping is a different story however.

With the exception of our toddler, everyone in the family is an adult- we all have houses with plenty of stuff (and constant resolutions to reduce the stuff…) and busy lives. My plan for this holiday season is to give gifts that are consumable. Living in Vermont, there’s great local food and drink, and now thanks to Beautycounter I can give the gift of safer beauty. Today (12/15/16) is the deadline to get your safer beauty order before the holiday using ground shipping. Simply add your order to the “December Shopping!” social. For any family reading this, I’m not going to say any more, but get excited.

Giving gifts shouldn’t be a chore- look for items easily enjoyed and go from there- it’s not the latest and greatest that counts, it’s the quality of the time spent with the family and the small reminder that you care about them. Consider supporting my small business and giving the gift of safer beauty this holiday season. If you need any ideas, shoot me an email– I’m here to help!