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Buy One, Give One- Make a Difference!

No secret here- Beautycounter is my go to company for everything personal care. The quality of the products with the unparalleled attention to safety are a one two punch that leaves everything else in the dust. Then they come out... Continue Reading →

Can you tell I’m psyched for Beautycounter Holiday??

So I introduced you to the holiday line Tuesday (check it out here!) and it just keeps getting better. I got the second half of my order the other day and it takes all my willpower to put it down...... Continue Reading →

Beautycounter Holiday Gives Me All the Feels

Holiday Shopping. Every year I have grand plans of getting ahead of things, then fall short and buy crap gifts the night before. Not this year! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pre-sale of the Beautycounter... Continue Reading →

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Growing up, somehow getting the Christmas tree up and decorated became a Christmas Eve activity. I suspect it had something to do with my parents getting into a standoff over who exactly was supposed to go get the tree, and... Continue Reading →

Naughty to Nice

I'll admit it, I'm a fan of funny, but useful gifts. The Naughty to Nice gift set from Beautycounter speaks to me on several levels- effective, spa quality, free from questionable and full of lump of coal gifting opportunities. It's the... Continue Reading →

Hostess Gifts

Thanksgiving is a big holiday in my family. My childhood formal living room (designed to have a fireplace for Santa- the woodstove wasn't going to cut it) can seat 31. Usually, it's a squeeze, and as our family expands, we're... Continue Reading →

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