Thanksgiving is a big holiday in my family. My childhood formal living room (designed to have a fireplace for Santa- the woodstove wasn’t going to cut it) can seat 31. Usually, it’s a squeeze, and as our family expands, we’re finding creative ways to fit everyone in.

My mom works tirelessly to cook a full on feast for the masses. She gets the biggest turkey she can buy, usually upwards of 20lbs, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, peas, carrot souffle, stuffing (in the bird and out), I make the onions, my sister makes the cream spinach, my great aunt makes pies and my aunt makes cranberry sauce for the entire valley. It’s a huge undertaking and admittedly, I didn’t do much to help all the years I actually lived in the house. Did I mention usually about half the group comes for dinner Wednesday night? And that every other year she hosts Soup Day on Friday (the other years we head to Auntie Rose’s, though I’m wrestling that away from her and the next generation is stepping up)?

14753460_10210723264948539_5442448383964460097_oI can’t say which one and ruin the surprise, but this year, I’m going to treat my mom to one of our awesome gift sets. Being a hostess over the holidays is a labor of love, and while other people bring her plenty of wine (which is probably what she really wants), she’s unlikely to treat herself to some of the amazing sets we have at Beautycounter this season. Every year, she selflessly pulls off this miracle.

If someone else is doing the cooking and cleaning this holiday season, bring one of our beautiful sets with you. Health is the new wealth and giving the gift of spa quality #saferbeauty is an awesome way to say thank you.

Are you one of those ladies that opens your home to your family over the holidays and want to drop a hint? Head on over to my Beautycounter Wish List and I’ll make sure the right information makes it to the right person…