Better Beauty Vermont Beautycounter+ Brightening Mask

Nothing makes dull, dry skin more vibrant than a luxurious mask infused with Vitamin C. The entire Beautycounter+ line is awesome, but I find myself drawn to this mask this time of year. Ten minutes, rinse off, enjoy instantly perked up skin without the potentially harmful ingredients.

What’s the big deal behind vitamin C? Check out this article – here’s a teaser:

Vitamin C is an anti-aging must-have for several reasons. First, it aids in the production of collagen—the protein fibers that give skin its elasticity, making it look smooth and supple. (Starting at age 20, collagen production starts to decline by 1% per year, so just about anyone can benefit from a little boost in this department.)

Vitamin C also works as an antioxidant. Every day, your skin is bombarded by stressors like UV rays and various air pollutants, resulting in free radicals—harmful compounds that damage skin cells. The oxidative stress they create can lead to fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. But antioxidants like vitamin C treat the damage caused by free radicals while defending cells against environmental assailants.

As if that weren’t enough, this potent active also has skin-brightening benefits. Its acidic pH allows it to slough away dead skin cells, revealing a youthful glow with regular use.

It’s a great addition to my routine- skin prep is the most important part of any makeup routine. Check out page three to read about my go to makeup product- it’s skin care and coverage in one-

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