I read an interesting critique the other day about companies that proclaim to care about safety for all, yet price their products in such a way they’re inaccessible to the majority of consumers. It’s something I’ve struggled with, being as I’m not exactly flush with cash, especially during the summer when my work is mostly part time. Green products have always been more expensive. Perhaps it’s because it’s actually more expensive to grow or produce, but part of it is likely due to marketing and consumer demand. How else can you explain $100 cotton t-shirts by designer brands? Demand.

Big Pharma is often criticized for product price. Looks at the recent outrage over epipens. The thing is, if there was no motivation to invest in the research, the research won’t get done. There’s only so much goodwill for goodwill sake, especially for things that cost money to develop. Profit is a great motivator for all of us.

As consumer pressure mounts (and yes, the pressure will come from the educated middle class), companies will see the incentive to clean up their products to compete. Companies at the forefront will have their market share and niche, the needle will move and more products at more price points will hit the market. Someone has to lead the movement.

I work part time at a local bra store. Growing up where I did, in an outlet town, and being of average size, the $20 bras from the outlet seemed just fine. Then I, like many, saw the Oprah show about wearing the wrong size bra. I traded my 34Cs for 32Ds and haven’t looked back (well, in truth, I got pregnant, invested in a 32G, the H, and am working my way back towards D, but that’s another post). I’ve also come to realize that an $80 bra that fits you well in worth every penny. You look good and feel good. You supported a local business and economy. The motto at JOY all things underthings is “helping women find their Joy from the inside out” is a great one. So is Beautycounter’s mission to “get safer products in the hands of everyone.” Support businesses who align with your values.

Investing in things that work well, fit well, feel good and you feel safe using helps move the industry towards making those products more readily available. It has to start somewhere.