I almost missed this milestone- I had a different topic in mind and was half way through writing it when it struck me to double check…Since starting this blog in August, this right here is the 100th post. Seems like it should be an amazing one, but knowing me, if I try for amazing, I’ll over judge myself and feel I’ve come up short. Instead, I’m going to take a moment to reflect on the things blogging brought to my life so far. For my fellow bloggers out there, please drop down to the comments and share what the last 100 posts in your blog has done for you- I’m always fascinated to read other people’s journeys!

I started this blog as an outlet and a way to educate others about what I’ve learned through my partnership with Beautycounter– it’s given me a platform to share why I am a passionate advocate for better beauty and more health protective laws governing our personal care and cosmetics.  Check out Why Beautycounter? to read more. I’ve also created this short video that cuts right to the chase:

Through the last 100 posts, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned the posts I write to have consistent content don’t do as well as the ones I write because I’m all fired up. My spelling and typing has gotten better- there’s something very satisfying about the feeling of the keyboard beneath your fingers- sometimes, when I’m really in the moment, it almost feels like flying… I’ve made some pretty cool new friends both through Beautycounter and through the blogging world. It’s an interesting place, the internet. It’s full of people I am just waiting to meet- people shockingly similar to myself. An amazing community of moms and entrepreneurs hustling everyday to make a difference.

Finally, now that I’ve made it to this milestone, I can comfortably say that this blog is her to stay. Your likes, shares and comments only add to the joy of stepping out onto this stage to share what I’ve learned, am learning and surely will learn as time goes by. Thank you for being on this journey with me- and hop down into the comments and share what you’re passionate about- we’re one big happy family and should support each other!