Tuesdays are my days. I get up early, I do a longer yoga, a walk or run by myself, to the bookstore to work on my business, then to JOY to work on that business. I wander home to snuggle the family, and wrap up anything still on my mind.

I love being a mom, but I need to make sure I take time to be me as well. To get out of the house. To connect. To grow.

Better Beauty Vermont Selfie


I want to show my daughter that her mom does work that matters. That’s why my work with Beautycounter is so meaningful to me. I can see the direct results of our advocacy and education work. I can see the healthier skin and enjoy the extra income. I can be home with my family but still be doing something that matters.


When I learned that the personal care and cosmetics industry is functionally unregulated, the chemicals and other ingredients are linked to major illnesses and cancers, I had to act.

Better Beauty Vermont- 80% of cosmetics ingredients have never been tested for safety

Let that sink in. We deserve better, and Beautycounter shows us every day we can have safer products that perform. We don’t have to settle.