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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better~Maya Angelou


be the change

Do Something TODAY!

Tuesdays are my days. I get up early, I do a longer yoga, a walk or run by myself, to the bookstore to work on my business, then to JOY to work on that business. I wander home to snuggle... Continue Reading →

Starting June off right! Now's the time. There's no such thing as perfect timing, but this comes pretty close. I can't tell you how much this movement and company has changed my life and the lives of those around me. Let's link arms... Continue Reading →

What Would You Do?

If you knew you could not fail? Would you start that business? Take that class? Ask for a raise? What about your relationships? Would you start one? End one? Renew one? Do you do something every day that scares you?... Continue Reading →

Once You Become FEARLESS Life Becomes LIMITLESS

I am constantly amazed by my little girl. She is fearless. This picture is from her first gondola ride- high up, moving up the mountain- she fearlessly climbed aboard and was enthralled the entire time. If she could have hung over the edge, she would have, but luckily for us, the gondola is a closed unit...


This is a cosmetics ad from 1938. That's the last time any significant regulation passed and almost 80 years later we still find ourselves with only 30 chemicals restricted from use in personal care and cosmetics. Here's an article that... Continue Reading →

The Democratic Process

Tired of all the negative news about the current administration? Lend your voice to a bipartisan movement that will have profound impact on generations to come. Contact me to get started. Your voice matters.  

Why do my actions matter?

I never really thought of myself as a mover and shaker. Perhaps others see me that way, but I've never really gotten involved in politics or activism beyond student council in high school. I've never been to a protest. I've... Continue Reading →

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