I am constantly amazed by my little girl. She is fearless. This picture is from her first gondola ride- high up, moving up the mountain- she fearlessly climbed aboard and was enthralled the entire time. If she could have hung over the edge, she would have, but luckily for us, the gondola is a closed unit…

It’s a great reminder that with the right attitude, anything is possible. One of the things I appreciate the most about my partnership with Beautycounter is it pushes me to reach out. It pushes me to learn, to seek information and share it with others. I never thought I’d be so in love with a business that sells a product, but when I really think about it, my job is to provide education and solutions that happen to be for sale. The more I reach out to others, the more I realize that by being fearless and reaching out, the more opportunities and possibilities there are. By being fearless, I’m finally limitless.

That doesn’t mean the road is easy. That doesn’t mean there aren’t roadblocks. That someone I’ve reached out to won’t ignore the message or a promotion will flop. By not fearing it though, I can take those setbacks and grow from them. I can see setbacks as opportunities.

It’s another reason this motherhood journey is so amazing. There are sides of myself and capacities within that I didn’t even know were possible. Who would have guessed that a company with an amazing mission would make all the difference?