It seems a theme in my life these days is connection. My work in the Snow Sports industry is focused on building instructor and guest engagement through personal connection. My work with Beautycounter centers around building a community of like minded women (or men!) looking to #switchtosafer and make an impact in the multi-billion dollar cosmetics and personal care industries through education and personal connection. My part time job in the summer at JOY all things underthings requires forming quick and genuine relationships with women in order to help them find the best underthing for their situation. For a natural introvert, I’ve really chosen an interesting path.

Throughout my #switchtosafer with Beautycounter I’ve really come to realize that every time I think I’ve completed my journey, another thing I didn’t even think of pops up. I’ve gotten my skincare routine down, only to take a hard look at my toilet paper I’ve switched to more organic food only to realize using non-stick cookware to cook it is not great. You could easily become discouraged by this process, but I look at it as a great way to become more aware in general. It’s never going to be perfect, which doesn’t mean I should give up, but the continual effort to improve is the goal.

The real benefit to all this is the opportunity to make connections, or re-connect, with friends, family, and new acquaintances through promoting and (yes) selling Beautycounter. I’ve had more meaningful conversations and opportunities to reminisce than I ever would have had I chosen a different type of work. I don’t look at what I do as job- I look at it as a service. I connect you with information and products that improve your life and health. At Pico I work to connect instructors to their students and students to the sports of skiing and snowboarding to improve their lives and health. Some of my best work involves bringing local schools to the mountain to experience the joy of sliding.

If you would like to join this mission to get safer products in the hands of everyone, and believe the best way to promote a product is through connection, connect with me and I’ll shoot you some details.