I’m reserved by nature- I’ve always had a few close friends and not a posse. I never dreamed I’d find myself in love with a Direct Retail company.

MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Retail- whatever you choose to call it, it’s what we all do everyday anyway. Loved the restaurant? You tell your friends. Finished an amazing book? You share with others you think would like it as well. In love with a company that promotes a lifestyle or health choice you support? Join the mission. I’ve joined with two companies that I believe in- WIN worldwide and BeautycounterBoth align with my personal beliefs in health and wellness, along with educational and advocacy efforts. Add in amazing compensation plans, and this #mompreneur is excited to work every day.

In order to succeed in any business, be it online or brick and mortar, you need to have a personal connection- a Why. For me, that’s my daughter. I believe I can make a difference in the personal care and cosmetics industry so that she can confidently shop anywhere and know the products she buys are safe. In order to be fully present for her, I also need to take care of myself- WIN Daily Lift helps me get up and go, and I know that if nothing else, I’m meeting my basic nutritional needs. When I have coffee, it’s 2 parts sugar, one part cream and a splash of coffee- cutting this from my diet has been amazing and I have more energy and focus with less sugar and caffeine. Both companies list all the ingredients in their products- no secrets, no “fragrance” or “flavor” hiding the petrochemicals and other mess that’s common in other products.

Look, the idea of getting into sales can be scary- I focus on the mission and why I’m involved with the companies- my heath, my baby’s health, and the overall wellness of my family is what pushes me to stay consistent. I get to work while my Why plays on the floor in front of me. Share in the comments below your why- why do you share the products you love?