I still think of myself as a new mom, but 19 months in, I look back at where I started and am starting to feel like I might be able to do this. One of the things I did throughout my pregnancy was research- best diapers (cloth? disposable? a combination?), best sleeping arrangements (crib right away? bassinet in the room? co sleep?), the list can go on forever. It’s a long 40 weeks…

It was during this journey that I discovered the inconvenient truth that the products sold on our drugstore and department store shelves (and online) are not tested for safety, and are in fact riddled with potentially harmful chemicals. I partnered with Beautycounter to have access to safer products for my family and work to educate others on the shocking state of the industry. I’m absolutely in love with the baby line. In a sea of choices, having four products that are effective and trustworthy takes the guesswork out of choosing what’s best for my daughter. As a busy mom, the fewer decisions I have to make every day the better…

The Baby Soothing Oil is a must have. Great for makeup removal (not that your baby wears makeup, but a great product for both of you), great for dry skin all over, and works winders on little pink bottoms.

The Daily Protective Balm goes everywhere with us. A diaper bag staple, this balm is great on any cuts or scrapes, dry patches, and to protect from any diaper wetness. I used this on my cuticles and other little spots on my own skin.

The Baby Calming Diaper Rash Cream is a new addition to the line- with only seven ingredients, including non-nano zinc, this is safe to use with cloth diapers, soothing, and perfect for those inevitable days when a little redness creeps in.  None of the baby line has added fragrance (code word for unknown toxins that are likely doing harm to growing souls).

The Baby Gentle all over Wash is tear free, gentle, but a tiny amount washes your entire tiny one. With a gentle citrus sent, this wash will be your go to from day one. It’s also free of potentially harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde- a claim not all baby washes can make.

These come as parts of sets as well, and don’t get me started about the beautiful diaper bag. Classy, storage without being bulky, beautiful Navy so dad will carry it too…Our little ones are so important, and the decisions we make now can have ripple effects down the line. Reducing the toxic load on the youngest in the family sets up a future with better health and wellness. With so many decisions to make every day, I trust the extensive research and quality control Beautycounter lives by. Our little ones deserve safer products.