Last week, we spent most of the day inside while Stella the Blizzard raged on outside. I say most of the day because my toddler wanted out, and she wanted out bad. Now, I knew that (just like the dogs), once out she would want back in, but when you’re less that two, and you want out you go out. We got her all bundled up, opened the door and set her free. We watched from the window while she tromped around in a ten foot circle in front of the door. She lasted about five minutes before the wind dropped her on her little butt…

20170314_124031.jpgShe was undeterred, but a little stuck with all her clothes on and a few minutes later was ready to come in on her own, no fighting and straight to her nap, where she stayed for several hours.

The moral of this story for me is the importance of trying- of showing up. Just because something seems crazy or uncomfortable, there are often rewards when you put your goggles down, zip your jacket all the way and go. I was reluctant to sign up to work with Beautycounter because I thought it might make me uncomfortable. I shied away from working with my friend Kelly and WIN worldwide because even though the product made me (and still does!) feel great with less processed sugar and other garbage, I didn’t think I had the time to dedicate to both companies. Turns out, full lives have room for anything.

I read somewhere that when putting something off, rephrase why from “I’m too busy” to “it’s not a priority” and see how that makes you feel. I’d been putting off getting back into yoga because I “needed enough time to do it right” and a myriad of other excuses. Then I rephrased my why in my head and realized that feeling stronger and more flexible is a priority. Now, when my alarm goes off a mere 15 minutes earlier, I say to myself- this is a priority- wiggle out from underneath the sleeping husband and toddler and head down for my 15 minute yoga session on YouTube.  Turns out, that time to start my day on my own terms is amazing. Make my Daily Liftget my water bottle iced up and ready to go for the day, follow up on some Mom Boss business and when I hear the rest of the family stir, head back up and get the day going.

Sometimes, you just need to start. Just step out of your comfort zone and do it. You are capable of more than you realize and there is nothing more powerful than slowly realizing the fullness of your potential.