I’m not that great about staying in the moment. I always feel like I have too many things going on, that there’s something I should be doing to advance my business, tidy my house, exercise- something. I get lost in my phone, lost on my computer, generally sucked in to bigger picture things that may or may not be actually doing anything for the above mentioned projects.

Thing is, everyone says your kids grow up too fast. While there are days and times when I feel like time could not go more slowly (waiting for my husband to get home while my daughter throws fits on floor for example), I have to say that’s true.

So this summer I’m determined to find at least a moment a day to cherish. I found a great journal that asks for your favorite moment of the day (much more attainable than feeling like a need to write something significant at the end of a long day) and I’m 40 days into 60 days of yoga every day. It’s only about a 30 minute practice (check out Fightmaster Yoga on YouTube!). I’m also on a quest to spend at least 30 minutes a day exploring something new with my daughter. We found a new little park the other day- we’re heading to another this afternoon, and there are miles of trails and adventures to be had right outside our door.

I’m passionate about my family, my business, my wellness and I’ve realized that to be any good at any of those things, I need to be focused on the moments in my life. I need to get up and go. I need to use social media as a method of connection, not the only method. I’m excited to spend the summer cherishing the small moments in my life, no matter how small.