I’ll admit, I wasn’t always perfect about sunscreen. I’m not a tanner exactly, though who doesn’t love relaxing in the sun with a good book and maybe a fun beverage. I always tried to avoid farmer’s tan and goggle tan, but I wasn’t perfect about sunscreen on average days. I’m still not perfect- no one is- but I’ve learned a lot about safer sunscreen and safer sun use. I take care to protect my toddler, so while I’m at it, I take care of myself, and I take other measures when I have to be out in the sun for a long time.

I own a big floppy hat.

I wear long sleeves and pants like my dad when I’m working outside. He’s a redhead- I don’t think he owns a short sleeve t-shirt or shorts.

I schedule my day to be inside around noontime.

I’ve become a responsible adult.

I wrote more about this the other day with specific product recommendations- check it out here and leave me some comments about your favorites and other ways to beat the heat and stay safe!