Summer solstice is behind us and you better believe that I take my summer skin care seriously … though I still want that glimmer and golden look, so what is a girl to do?!  It’s simple, two steps:

1). SunProtect Stick – to prevent sun damage, skin cancer and burning – all the obvious stuff, and of course, without toxins or any of that icky stuff most sunscreens have that causes more damage than it does to protect.

2). Glow Shimmer Oil – to get that perfect summer glow and tan look, a beautiful bronzed look with a slight amount of shimmer.

I especially love the Glow Shimmer Oil because I know that every ingredient Beautycounter uses is sustainably sourced.  Did you know that most cosmetic products that include shimmer or glitter are sourced from dangerous and illegal mica mines, mostly worked by children under the age of 10 years old in India? After 7-8 hours of laboring in treacherous conditions, most children earn just enough to eat for the day, equivalent to approximately $0.33.  I am simply not okay in my heart with this and am saddened that I used to support many of the major multi-national companies who source through these mica mines.  Knowing this makes me all the more thankful for Beautycounter’s strict sourcing standards and sustainability efforts … Beautycounter truly isn’t just a beauty company, we are a company on a mission to make the world better.

Here’s a little snippet from an article on mica mining I thought you would enjoy:

“In the hilly forests of rural Jharkand, India, children as young as 10 are hammering flakes of rock off the mountainside. Others, mostly young girls, carry baskets of rocks to the top of the mine to sort through their contents. Their job is to separate glittering fragments from the rock debris.

These fragments are mica, the mineral that adds a shimmer to beauty products such as blusher, eye shadow, lipstick and foundation, as well as to the paints used by the car and construction industries. Some of the world’s biggest cosmetics companies including L’Oréal and Estée Lauder, as well as suppliers such as Merck, source mica from India, one of the top producing mica countries in the world.”

You can read more at:

In the meantime, get your golden glow and shimmer on in a safe way and in a way that is consciously sourced.  Grab yourself a Sun Protect Stick and some Glow Shimmer Oil today >>>
ps- the mica situation has you fired up to do something? Let’s chat– it’s people like you who can make a difference!