I’m always on the lookout for people with compelling stories, and I’ve recently discovered a blog called Her Unusual Journey – she writes openly and honestly about her struggles with serious autoimmune disease- be sure to check out her blog, and more importantly, check out her Beautycounter Social running through August 30th 2017 – we’ve teamed up to share the message of safer beauty with her blog followers- keep reading to find out why.

A major part of the Beautycounter mission is educating consumers about the lack of regulation of the personal care and cosmetics industry and potential health consequences of those unregulated ingredients. The law has not been updated since 1938 and over the past 80 years, tens of thousands of chemicals were introduced into our products. We’ve seen scary increases in common illnesses- asthma, autism, allergies and ADHD are on the rise. Breast Cancer now affects 1:8 instead of 1:20 like it was forty years ago. That’s a major increase in just one generation.

Your DNA might load the gun, but your lifestyle pulls the trigger. Eating well, drinking enough water, and using safer products free of known carcinogens and hormone disrupting chemicals will reduce your exposure to these potential triggers, leading to a healthier, happier life.

This is especially important if you have a compromised immune system. I’m very careful about what I put on my skin (Beautycounter or Little Seed Farm all the way!) but I’m even more cognizant of what I put on my daughter and her still developing system. Babies are born with approximately 200 chemicals in their cord blood. Not even born yet and already exposed to potentially harmful chemicals that have not been tested for safety on humans.

Now, water is also a chemical. I’m not anti-chemicals- but I’m pro transparency and pro safety. Beautycounter tests everything we use in our products for safety alone and in combination with other chemicals. We’re not 100% organic or “chemical free” (nothing is chemical free by definition) but we maintain a 1500+ Never List- ingredients you’ll never find in any of our products. Nothing hidden behind “fragrance” or “parfum” – industry terms that are protected as trade secrets and can contain literally anything. Companies are not required to disclose what’s in fragrance, nor prove it adds to the smell…

So join Sydney and me and make the #switchtosafer this month-  it’s never too late to take meaningful steps towards safer products in your daily routine. You should never have to sacrifice performance or safety- Beautycounter delivers both!