Each year, we grow an ambitious vegetable garden. It’s full of all the good stuff we’ll eat all summer with the promise of saving time and money.

Thing is, gardens are work. Worth it, but work. At first, you’re all excited. The soil is tilled, the seeds planted, and your back feels the burn of a satisfying day doing hard work.

Then nothing happens.

The weeds come back before the veggies. You spend hours weeding and watering before the tiny sprouts begin to poke through. If you don’t put in the consistent work before you see rewards, it takes a lot more work to dig out the veggies later on. They’re there, but harder to get to and smaller.

Life is like this too. Businesses, friendships and fitness goals are easier to grow with consistent effort. It doesn’t mean you have to spend hours every day, but you have to consistently tend them. Even five minutes every day can make a significant impact.

My business with Beautycounter and WIN both grow when I tend them consistently. When I foster relationships and continuously connect and educate. When I tend the garden, it grows.

When I am consistent with my daughter, she grows. When she is consistently exposed to the potty, to reading and to situations, she improves. We need to remember to be consistent with ourselves too. If you have a fitness or weight loss goal, you can’t expect to lose 30 pounds or run a 10k in the first week. By consistently sticking to your plan (and having a plan in the first place…), all your effort will eventually get you where you want to go. 

I’m guilty of it too- we all want instant gratification. When things don’t work in the first week, we often dismiss them. It’s why millions of dollars of exercise equipment sits unused in basements across America. I want to plant broccoli on Monday and eat it on Friday. When it’s not ready until August, it’s hard. 

Thing is, when it is ready, it’s amazing.

This site is dedicated to better. Better beauty through the products we use and through the life we lead. It’s not called Perfect Beauty Vermont. Better means putting in the consistent effort when it matters most. In the products we use everyday on our largest organ, in the supplements and food we consume, in the mindset we carry with us that influences our inner beauty. To get the most out of your physical or hypothetical garden, you need to put in the consistent effort to be better.