So my little tiny baby is two. She’s 34″ tall and almost 30 pounds. She talks, she runs, she’s working on mastering the potty. I was recently pushed over the edge at her two year check up when the nurse offered her the tiniest little hospital gown to change into. It might be one of the cutest things so far. She put it on, spun around and generally was thrilled at the new level of interaction at the Doctor’s office. It was a flash forward to her adult life that I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for.

So here’s the thing- life happens at the speed of light. Time marches on and every day you spend thinking “what if” or “I’ll do it tomorrow” is time you don’t get back. I’ve had moments when I felt crazy for raising a child, starting my Beautycounter business, starting this website, and working a full time job all at once. Thing is, for the things that matter to you, there’s always time. I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned about the state of the personal care and cosmetics industry. I’ve fallen in love with writing. I love being a mom. My full time job is satisfying and covers the bills while I work towards my dream of working from home full time.

The work I’m doing now impacts our future. I know every time I take my daughter to her check ups that I’m doing the best I can to reduce her toxic load, prolong her childhood by reducing her exposure to endocrine system disrupting chemicals. The connections I’m making now will only serve to build my business and my tribe. This website will help folks, amuse them, inspire them and gives me a sense of being outside of motherhood.

Look, time flies. Why not step up today and do something that your future self will thank you for? Take the job with Beautycounter . Start exercising. Take that class. Each day that you wait is another missed opportunity. Before you know it, your baby will be two and that time you could have spent growing will be behind you.

I’m here to inspire you to be better. Step outside your comfort zone. Life travels at the speed of light.