Now, let’s set some expectations- rural is relative.

I grew up with running water, electricity, phone- you know, all that. We didn’t subsistence farm, kill our own food or make our own clothes.

If fact, we were pretty early into dial up internet and when available- DSL.

But if you forgot something at the store, it was a 40 minute round trip. You might get lucky if you could get to the small market before they closed and pay three times as much for the time savings, but probably not.

It was quite the adjustment when I went to college- round trip to the store was more like 10 minutes, with a CVS even closer if you just need milk. You can go to the movies and then do something else because, get this, the movies are only 10 minutes away instead of 45.

So what have I learned?

  • Take time to plan your day.

Better Beauty Vermont Planner- run your life so it doesn't run you

I spend a few minutes each night and again in the morning to make a plan. What shopping do I need to do? What meetings? When am I going to work on my Beautycounter business? When am I going to meet with my consulting clients? Work on my next seminar presentation?

When forgotten milk is 40 minutes away, making lists, using a planner and executing it are key.

  • Even if you can’t see your neighbors, you can still connect.

The wold is a big place. Sometimes I get caught feeling isolated, but I’m frequently reminded that the connections are there if you’re willing to make them. Branching out and becoming an educator with Beautycounter I’ve discovered that I know way more people than I thought, and realized the full power of connection. With all the tools we have at our fingertips- social media, video chats, cell service- there’s no excuse for not connecting with your fellow man. While you’re thinking of it- be sure to follow this blog…

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Taking time to connect is good for your soul- it doesn’t have to take all day- even small gestures have big impacts.


  • There’s power in disconnecting and quiet time too.

Better Beauty Vermont Get Outside- Enjoy NatureLeave your phone behind and take a walk. Read a book instead of Netflix. Enjoy family dinner without distractions. All these things are good for your soul. Living out in the boonies- where the moon is the only light outside and when the power is out, it’s pitch black makes me comfortable with complete darkness and quiet. We need these times to refresh and restart. My best business ideas come from those moments of quiet.

Cherish moments of reflection. Use them to grow.

With so many opportunities to work remotely, set your own schedule and make your own way in this world, don’t lose sight of these three lessons from rural life- what would you add? Let’s chat in the comments below!