Here in Vermont, we’re lucky to have a sea of good food choices. Where I live, there are multiple farmers markets in both directions on different days. Vermont led the movement to label GMOs. There are abundant farm to table restaurants.  It’s really an amazing place to live. There doesn’t seem to be nearly as much of an awareness or effort to promote safer skincare. We’re in our skin our entire life. Why not take care of it?

One of the things that got me started with Beautycounter and switching to safer was the statistic that your skin, your largest organ, absorbs what you put on it within 26 seconds. There is conflicting data, but it’s generally accepted that your skin is not impenetrable. When it came time to moisturize baby Alice’s skin, I hesitated to put all those unpronounceable ingredients on her brand new skin. 

It’s harder than you think to find products that are truly free of harmful chemicals. No one regulates the claims of “natural” and no one regulates what can go in skin care products and cosmetics. Beautycounter put years into developing their Never List. In a sea of choices,  putting safety first and spending more knowing I could trust the products made all the difference. 

For the Never List, click here. Read “our story” and download a printable copy for yourself. Knowledge is power.