The new year is here, and I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering. My day job is in the ski industry- making this week one full of contradictions. On the one hand, it’s the holiday period- a time to celebrate with family and friends and reflect on the year. On the other, it’s an 90 hour, 11 day work week full of the inevitable headaches of crowds of people all wanting something from you. I usually end the week feeling accomplished, drained, excited and bedraggled. It’s an interesting time to say the least.

During this past week, Beautycounter launched a sale, I reconnected with some amazing potential business partners, got some leads on some summer events for the country club where I work in the summer, and decided in the middle of all that to share with all of you a product that got me through the week- WIN Daily LiftThere were days over the holiday period that I honestly didn’t have time to eat or pee until 3:00 P.M. My fitbit is exhausted.

I’m one of those people who has grand plans- I have the Nutribullet because I was going to make all my baby food from food in our garden. I was going to make myself green juice dailylift-mintberryboxes-twowhile I was at it, and we were all going to prosper. Well, the baby ate regular food about a week into eating solids and the thing about juicing is you actually have to have ingredients on hand and clean the blender when you’re done. What I love about WIN Daily Lift is I open the packet, add water and go. I can throw a packet in my pocket and add it to my water bottle at a stoplight. I can add warm water and enjoy like tea when I get to work. As a busy mom, I don’t have time to do much more, and especially in Vermont in the winter, the $2 a day is much cheaper than buying all the ingredients needed to make my own juice- plus- and this is big- I don’t have to clean anything when I’m done. My to go cup goes in the wash just like it normally does. I have the basic nutrition for the day covered, plus the energy to make it through the crazy running around.

As I’ve learned through Beautycounterinformation matters. The ingredient list on both the Cool Mint and the Mixed Berry are long, but I can pronounce everything on it. Based in Texas, this fairly new company is focused on organic and carefully sourced ingredients and strives to meet your daily needs with 16 servings of fruits and vegetables and 59 super foods. It’s not designed to replace a meal, and it’s not a weight loss product, but it bridges that gap and helps you avoid making that rush decision to eat the candy bar you found in the bottom of your bag for breakfast.

As I go into 2017, my goals to take better care of myself started with cleaning up the products my family uses every day on our skin through Beautycounter and now I’m adding to that with meeting my nutritional needs through WIN Daily Lift. The year is off to a great start- if I can help you make the switch to either of these products, please contact me and we can work together to help make positive change in your life as well!