There’s something about mascara. It’s so easy. It can make an impact. It can make you feel like a fox or make you look like a raccoon. It’s either the last thing you do, or on busy days might be the only thing. Keep reading for a few tip and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

It should go without saying that the quality of your mascara can make all the difference. I spent my teenage years buying cheap drugstore mascara. I got what I paid for. Clumps, lumps, flakes, you name it. I also didn’t realize how many unknown and potentially harmful ingredients are in most mascara- this is stuff we put on our eyes! Eeek! Luckily I found Beautycounter’s Lengthening Mascara – free of harmful ingredients coupled with amazing performance, I haven’t looked back. Gone are the clumps, and while not technically waterproof (ever wondered what they use to make mascara not come off?), I’ve cried, skied, sweated, and it’s stayed. It’s also an Allure award winner, so that’s another plus.


Some people are more likely to have transfer from their lashes to their face- there are a few reasons- one being the shape of your eyes and lashes. If your lashes are particularly curly, they may touch your eyelids. If your lashes are straighter, they may touch the skin under your eyes when you blink.  Some of this is how you’re made, but can be reduced with a few simple tricks.

Curling your straight lashes will keep them off your under eye area. This is also an important tip if you wear glasses. Applying your eye cream and moisturizer first, then giving it a few minutes to really absorb can make a difference too. I start my day by washing my face, applying my moisturizer and eye cream, then getting dressed, getting the baby dressed, then going back and finishing my makeup. It also makes a difference to add a dash of Mattifying Powder both before and after to set your mascara- making sure your face isn’t oily until thing set will keep both your eyeliner and mascara from running.

Beautycounter’s mascara is great for sensitive eyes because it doesn’t have the irritants normally found in mascara. As for removal, I use either coconut oil, Beautycounter’s Cleansing Balm or (stay with me here) our Baby Soothing OilMaking sure to remove all your makeup, especially around your eyes, is an important step in any makeup routine- starting and ending each day with a fresh canvas allows your skin to naturally repair itself from the stress of the day overnight, and gives your makeup a clean surface to work with in the morning.

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