A lot has been said on this blog about products and tricks about beauty. There is something to be said about improving the products you use on the outside because they end up in the inside, but there’s also something to be said about making things beautiful from the inside out.

True inner beauty is a state of mind. It’s a belief that you’re enough, that who you are matters. Confidence is beautiful, so is kindness. Health is beautiful too- the improvement I’ve seen in my skin since I’ve taken on drinking water as a main hobby (I do well with set goals and tracking- numbers and graphs motivate me- I love my fitbit and the app) is remarkable. When I exercise more I feel better and in turn look better. Every time I choose a salad over a kitkat, I feel beautiful.

I was also surprised how much more beautiful I feel since I’ve partnered with Beautycounter. I’ve found a tribe of women all working towards a universal goal- to get safer products in the hands of everyone, and the community surrounding us is amazing. The support in the Facebook groups, and the connections and encouragement I’ve gotten from my clients is inspiring. I would have never thought an introvert from Vermont could make an impact and build a business in the beauty industry. It just goes to show the power of going for it!

It’s also an amazing feeling to help others find their voice and inner beauty. Spreading the Better Beauty Movement and watching others flourish reminds me that we’re all infinitely more capable than we think, and that everyone deserves to feel special and make a mark. I’d love to help you find your inner beauty- leave a comment below or shoot me an emailthe more of us who find ourselves, the bigger our impact can be and the more beauty we’ll celebrate- both inside and out.