Two times in a row I’ve cried at my daughter’s wellness appointment. Not big tears, and maybe it doesn’t count as actually crying, but there’s certainly extra blinking to battle back the extra moisture.

Why on earth? Because I get so overwhelmed with how proud I am of her. When she was a baby, she didn’t really participate- it was nice to know she was growing and cute, but all babies are cute and most of them grow. Now though, it’s different. She walks confidently after the nurse going to the exam room. She smiles at everyone. She squeals and laughs when she’s getting weighed. Today she watched the doctor wash her hands, walked over to the sink and reached up to wash hers. Got each hand wet, rubbed them together, dried them off with the towel and threw it in the garbage.

She helps with the stethoscope. She sits still at just the right moment. Maybe I’m an overly proud mom, but watching her say Ahhh when asked, answering questions about her milestones as she explores the room is amazing. She’s a little human. With thoughts, manners, opinions and curiosity.

It’s amazing. There are times when she drives me absolutely nuts. Bonkers really. Then there are days like this. When my heart swells and I’d do anything for her. Days like this reinvigorate my desire to make the world a better place for her- to do everything I can to inspire her and be a role model. She’s why I’m a mompreneur.

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