Collect moments, not things. It’s my new mantra. It’s changing my life.

Being a #mompreneur and working from home is an amazing experience, though not without challenges. My work can blend into my family time and vice versa. Throughout all the challenges though, focusing on the small moments of the day makes all the difference.

Does my planner say work on the website? Yes, but does my toddler say I want a snack by the pond? Also yes. The amazing thing about being my own boss is we can grab our yogurt raisins and go snack by the pond. I can always work later.

Being at home, working with Beautycounter and WINI can make a meaningful social impact, stay fueled throughout the day and have more time for snacks by the pond. Seek to collect moments, not things, and this can be your reality too.

If I can help you live the life you desire, comment below or shoot me an email and let’s work together to make it happen!