If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows are the trim. Growing up, I always had bushy eyebrows and didn’t know what to do about it. It was also the 90s, when pencil thing eyebrows were what the popular kids were doing. I tweezed and fussed and was never bold enough to go thin like the popular girls.

Luckily for me, I didn’t, because full eyebrows are back…whew, because I’ve got ’em…well, except the parts that aren’t thick, then not so much, but my luck continues because Beautycounter‘s brow pencils are back!

brow_pencilsOne thing I love about this company is they pulled this product due to some concerns about the source of some of the ingredients. They would rather not sell them than sell something they don’t stand behind 100%. The pencils are back and awesome. The come in three shades- check them out here (Color Define Brow Pencil) and now that I know how to use it, I feel more confident and pulled together with only a few minutes time.

To keep it simple, start with clean dry brows. I clean up the stray hairs between my brows- if you hold the pencil to the side of your nose, anything between that line and the line on the other side is fair game. I run the pencil from the end of my nose to the corner of my eye and tidy anything that falls outside that line. The strays that fall below the main line of my brows are goners too. It’s important to stand far enough back from the mirror that you don’t lose track of the bigger picture- this is where the overpluckers get in trouble.

Once satisfied with the outer shape, I use the pencil to add short strokes to create the
impression of depth. I’m not going to be able to draw on actual hairs eyebrow-examplewithout it looking overdone, but by adding just a little shadow, it gives the impression that there are hairs casting those shadows, and voila, beautiful brows.  The image to the right is what I look like in my head, not real life, but that’s what I aim for…

It can be easy to over think eyebrows, but taking a minute to keep them generally maintained and filled out will make all the difference. I find in the winter, a defined brow helps me not get lost wearing hats (a necessity in Vermont from November to April) and I love that the ones Beautycounter manufacture contain safer ingredients that I can comfortably wear near my eyes all day.

If only the insecure girl in high school knew how easy feeling pulled together can be with the right products…