So here we are, half way through January. Here in Vermont we’ve had it all already- it’s been zero, it’s been 50, it snowed, it didn’t snow. I’ve gotten one task checked off of my 2017 to do list, and added about 100 more. For those of you who started new resolutions, now is a good time to check in with yourself and see how it’s going.

I’m all about goal setting and lists- there is nothing more satisfying than crossing something off a list. I’ve even been known to add things I’ve already done to a list just so I can strike through it with a nice thick line. It can be exciting to sit down and envision your year and the things you hope to accomplish.

It can also be overwhelming- if you put everything on the to do right now list, you won’t know where to start. Think about your goals for the year as that- goals for the entire year. Many of you are starting new businesses, setting new health and wellness goals and making plans to maximize family time. Be sure to remember you in all of of your planning. What’s one thing you want to do just for you? Maybe it’s lose the last of the baby weight, maybe it’s bringing your home business to the next level, but make sure you include something that’s rewarding and fun and just for you. Set time aside to read a book, enjoy a spa night with your friends and a glass of wine or tea, reconnect with an old friend.

Remembering to take time for yourself is important. We get so caught up in doing things for others, we neglect ourselves. I’m especially guilty of this- it wasn’t until I went out on a limb and joined the #betterbeauty movement and found a new tribe of women who were supportive and celebratory of our successes that I really realized that I was losing myself in my work and my chores and not investing time in myself. Taking a few minutes every day to really enjoy the process of getting ready in the morning or relaxing at the end of the day has been game changing. Using high quality products that are as efficient as they are fun means it really only takes a minute or two to feel like I’m ready to face the chaos that’s sure to follow.

One of the things to do on my 2017 to do list is help someone else find themselves and the freedom that comes from working from home and taking care of the ones you love. If that sounds like you, shoot me an email– I’d love to share!