Today my first baby is two. A full 24 months of growth, giggles and games. She goes all out all the time and let me just say, this journey is not for the faint of heart but so worth it.

My best friend is having her first baby any day now- or maybe just did- it’s that close- and I’ve been thinking back on the things I worried about.

How will I survive on so little sleep? Still not sure exactly but you do. It’s amazing how quickly you get good at waking up every two hours around the clock. It doesn’t even seem that hard when you look back (though in the moment it seems like you might never come out on the other side).

How will I know what she needs? You just do. That may seem like a cop out answer, but trust your gut on this one. You’ll know, but you won’t be able to explain it.

How will I keep track of all the things I need to do for the both of us? Still working on that one. At least I have Beautycounter to take care of our personal care and cosmetic needs- I know the products I buy are the safest available and will perform above my standards. I’m working on the best system to keep track of the day, especially working from home and running her all over to Gymnastics, enriching experiences and the like. I’ll let you know what I find, but my advice for now-just keep swimming. You’ll have to let some things go- the dog hair used to be much higher up the priority list, now I just make sure it’s not in the food we’re actually eating. You have all the time you need for the things that are truly priorities.

Happy Birthday to Alice (and I)- may the next year bring even more adventures!