I never used to consider myself a runner. Sure, I can run. I used to race in local 5ks and ran cross country for a few years in high school. I play Ultimate Frisbee once a week after four years of serious play in college and two less serious years in high school. I’ve never measured, but an average Ultimate game is about four miles of running and you usually play four to six games a day in a tournament. In college, we played tournaments almost every weekend in the spring. I’d say 16-24 miles of running a day for two days every weekend is a bit of running.

If you run, you’re a runner.

I only recently began to think of myself as a runner again. I’m trying to get out at least three times a week. On Mondays I can run by myself. There’s something magical about pushing yourself, getting past the point of quitting and literally going the extra mile. Feeling your body accept the task and re-energize. Thing is, you don’t have to run hundreds of miles a week to be a runner. You just have to run.

Slowly, fast, one day a week, seven. Any running makes you a runner.

Just like any writing you do makes you a writer. Any business you own, regardless of how successful, makes you a business owner. Anytime you grow a garden, you’re a gardener.

The things that we consistently do make us who we are. It’s a matter of mindset. It’s a matter of belief. It’s a matter of effort.

Better Beauty Vermont Hard Things


The key is to show up every day. To put in the effort even when you don’t see immediate results. To be kind to yourself as you progress.

Perhaps the first run is only a few minutes. You’re still a runner. The next time, run one minute more. Strive for progress, not perfection.

Perhaps your business only serves a few people. Serve them to the best of your ability. Every business starts with one sale. Just keep showing up. Keep reaching out. Don’t take no as a personal affront, take it as another step closer to your next yes. Go out on a limb and reach out to someone new- you never know when your next big leap will come. Seek to serve and the success will follow.

Perhaps your blog only reaches a few people- that’s something. Keep writing. You are a writer. Continue to share the best of you with the world. Your words matter to those you touch. If you change one person, you can change the world.

You are what you consistently do.

I strive to help others. I strive to educate and share the mission of getting safer products in the hands of everyone. I strive to help people with their health and wellness goals. I strive to help you reach your business and financial goals. I am consistent with these goals. I am an entrepreneur. I am an educator. I’d love to help you reach your goals as well. Take that step- reach out. Let’s get going.