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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better~Maya Angelou



My Baby is Growing up Too Fast

It is absolutely not possible that my little baby is almost two. But the calendar says that next week, she'll hit 20 months, then this summer, the big 2, then the summer after that 18. Well, not quite, but that's... Continue Reading →

Mom Essentials

I still think of myself as a new mom, but 19 months in, I look back at where I started and am starting to feel like I might be able to do this. One of the things I did throughout... Continue Reading →

College of Confidence

My friend Trish is amazing. A true mompreneur, she recently launched a new coaching program- her College of Confidence  that from what I've seen so far is going to lift up the students and help bring business and dreams to new heights.... Continue Reading →

Mom Myths

It is both amazingly awesome and amazingly hard to be a mom. It's almost a badge of honor to be the most exhausted and the most stressed of all your mom friends- there's a whole internet full of memes about... Continue Reading →

Moms and Worry

I saw a meme somewhere along the way (that I naturally can't find now) that was something along the lines of "Moms worry even when their eyes are closed" and it struck a nerve. Maybe I'm still a rookie mom... Continue Reading →

Taking Time 

Alice has a cold. She's all cute and dribbley and snuggles abound. I'm getting nothing done. It's ok. Well, sort of. I'm justifying it by remembering that focusing on one thing at a time, and not rushing, is an important... Continue Reading →

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